Celebrating 50 years since mankind left for the Moon!

It’s unimaginable to think about how much bravery it takes to leave our home planet. As young boys, my brother and I dreamed about the stars and the moon.

Grandpa Deetman was always fascinated about the universe and used to make his own telescopes. We can still remember looking through one of his largest self-built optics seeing the moon up-close when we were still kids. He even drove to our house and woke us at 2AM in the night to show us the ‘Hale-Bopp Comet’ fly by in the 90’s. But also, the time when our dad took us on a trip in France to see the full Lunar Eclipse for the first time, and during the event realizing how nature and animals responded to the sudden darkness around us. This is how the moon really stuck with us through our lives.

We were of course inspired by his stories, and by the men and women who dared to leap. To celebrate the 50 anniversary of three men daring to leave the earth and travel towards the moon, we created a short video talking about our inspiration.

Being introduced by our grandpa and taking over this fascination for the universe, it was inevitable we would do something creative in our lives. After watching the all-time blockbuster hits like 2001: a space odyssey, Interstellar, Gravity and Moon, we were sure this atmosphere and environment were a good playground for a game to take place.

We truly hope Deliver us the Moon captures the imagination of players and maybe helps answer a question many people still have, 'What would it be like, being an Astronaut!'

Koen and Paul

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Dear Astronauts,

We are proud and happy to finally bring you up to speed on the giant leap we are taking with Deliver Us The Moon.
Our previous message stated it was absolutely pivotal for our studio’s future and survival to find a new publishing partner, to make sure we are aided in reaching our goals with Deliver Us The Moon. It was by far one of the most challenging times for our small studio, and finding the right partner eventually took a lot more time than anticipated, although we can’t be more proud to share the following exciting results with you.

We are very pleased to introduce the great team from “Wired Productions” as our new publisher for Deliver Us The Moon (“Award winning video game publisher behind like: GRIP Combat Racing, Close To The Sun, Victor Vran and Tiny Troopers). They will help us manage the title and make sure Deliver Us The Moon gets a proper re-release with a full campaign, something we required and always wanted from a publisher to help us get the game to market.

Partnering up allows us to hit some very important goals on our list such as:
- We are really happy to announce the game is being (textually) localized in 10 different languages.
- We are even looking into localizing the game’s VO (Voice Over).
- We are developing some exciting graphics upgrades for Deliver Us The Moon (more details on this later).
- And finally the game is coming to consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4).

To top this, we can’t be more excited about Deliver Us The Moon getting a worldwide ‘boxed’ retail release and might even get a physical collector’s edition (more details on this later).

It is very important for our studio, and for our players, to make Deliver Us The Moon and the upcoming content right. These things take time and because of this we felt it was necessary to take the game back into development to apply that extra layer of polish. We want to harness all of the benefits of the relationship with our new publisher and deliver to YOU the epic Sci-Fi experience we always wanted to build. Because of this we’ve decided to pause sales of the game temporarily until the full release, but we can without hesitation confirm that the new content will still be free to all of the amazing fans who've supported us by purchasing Fortuna.

In the meantime we are visiting a couple of exciting events:
If you’d like to meet us in person, look for the us (blue-jumpsuits) at the following events:
- INDIGOx, Utrecht, The Netherlands (27 / 28th of June).
- Gamescom, Cologne, Germany (21-24th of August).

We understand waiting can be tough, but we want to make sure we can keep making awesome high-quality game experiences, and your ongoing patience is helping us do that!

Meanwhile you can enjoy the new reveal trailer:

Tombaugh Concludes DUTM: Fortuna

Dear Astronauts,
It’s been a while since we disclosed any news, but finally we would like to inform you about the upcoming (free) content hitting Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna very soon.
Below you can find our announcement video + stream video where we did a live-demo (no spoilers).

What can you expect from the new content?

When we released Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna in September 2018, it was clear the community found the cliffhanger a tough one to swallow, it was one of our predicted scenarios which consisted in delivering a worthy ending to the happenings in Fortuna.

Today we would like to inform you about “Tombaugh” as our upcoming (freely added) content that will finish the Fortuna story-line.
Meeting the quality standard we’ve set with the core game was our most important goal. Since we are a small team, not a huge corporation with multi-million budgets, it was a challenge and took some time to achieve and meet those expectations" We are extremely proud of the result and especially of the team that made this happen in the past 6 months.

On the business side we are creating new opportunities and we are talking to potential publishers, a very important goal in our upcoming trip to the USA.

What can you expect from the Narrative?
The upcoming DLC, Tombaugh, brings us to the heart of Deliver Us The Moon’s story. Here you’ll find out what happened to Sarah as you trace her steps through the abandoned Tombaugh Facility. You’ll learn more about the Outward mystery and an unexpected stranger, and you’ll bring the story to an exciting conclusion. Tombaugh marks the end of one journey and the start of another.

What can you expect from the Gameplay?
We’ve tried to build-upon everything you’ve done throughout Fortuna as well as increase the difficulty a bit to deliver a satisfying ‘end-game’ experience. You can expect a bigger challenge in figuring out your surroundings and how to move through them. Enter Tombaugh with extreme caution!

What about console versions?
Step by step, we are working on it, but it takes time to make sure the ports are ready to match expectations. Everyone wants to play a good port, not a bad one, and very important we want to have Tombaugh in these versions as well.

What about localisation?
It was important to define ‘key languages’ and matching them with our target audience. We’ve been able to make a great selection and have found a great localisation partner. Also since we like to include Tombaugh in this process, it was necessary to wait until we had full script ready, so we can translate in bulk.

When is the release date?
We can say Tombaugh’s production is finished by the end of Q1, although on the publishing side, we are still working on some important pivotal elements (especially during the events GDC and PAX 2019). Therefore we cannot disclose an exact release date just yet, so stay tuned. 

What’s next?
We absolutely love to continue with the universe of Deliver Us The Moon, we have some extremely cool ideas about the way players experience narrative in exploration games. One of our biggest goals is to increase the replay value in the next product. If we want to realize this next step, it's very important for us to find a fitting publishing partner, one of our goals in the upcoming trip to the USA, where we visit GDC and PAX East.

Thank you and stay tuned on our social media channels and if you happen to be at PAX East make sure to come by the Indie Megabooth!

Interested in more details about Tombaugh and want to see the entire announcement stream + live demo we did on Twitch? You can re-watch the following video below:

Happy New Year!

Dear Astronauts, 

We love to take a moment to thank everyone who helped us in our adventure to bring Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna to the world. The past year has been extremely challenging for the studio, however it brought us so many great stories written by 'you' our amazing community. Its absolutely heartwarming to read all of the great messages, reviews, tweets, posts, everything we receive on a daily basis, please don't stop with this, we love every bit of it. 

We want you to know that we are here, we see, read, listen and respond to almost everything we can, and work extremely hard to improve the game everywhere within our power. If you go to the Store Page you can see we did a make-over to hopefully appeal to more aspiring astronauts and we'll continue to do so. 

We have some new exciting challenges ahead, such as giving you all a worthy ending, something that was a necessary evil for us to postpone. (if you are interested in a more in-depth view on our development you can read about it in the following two interviews with PCGamesN: The Gravity of Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna[www.pcgamesn.com] and Control-Online: Starbreeze Falls, KeokeN Remains Standing[control-online.nl]

We want to be very careful not spoiling the fun, but we would love to share one screenshot looking into the new upcoming (free) content that is currently scheduled to arrive in Q1 2019. More information will arise in the new year.

The KeokeN team works hard to make sure this will follow the strengths of the game and improve on the weaknesses as much as we can. 

The game is currently on sale with 25% off especially to celebrate this Holiday! We'll share a number of awesome milestones we achieved during the sale, please help us spread the word about the game, so we can continue making these immersive adventures for you!

For now we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


Cheers from the KeokeN Team 

Koen Deetman 
Game Director, Founder 
KeokeN Interactive

The Journey Continues - Deliver us the Moon: Fortuna


Since its release on Friday, we’ve been excited to hear from players all over the world, who’ve enjoyed the story and narrative of Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna. So much, in fact, that we have decided to reveal that a free DLC is coming. Concluding the story that began in Fortuna, the DLC delivers the gripping resolution to a lone astronaut’s journey to the moon.

“We see that players are captivated by the Deliver Us The Moon universe,” says KeokeN Interactive founder Koen Deetman. “Fortuna has introduced them to an immersive, atmospheric world and in this DLC, we’re bringing the existing storyline to a fiery finale.”

The DLC will be available for free to all players that own the original title, Fortuna, on PC. Although the release date is unknown as of yet, development has been underway for some time and is in full swing now that Fortuna has been completed. Details as well as information about other platforms are to follow in the near future.

NVIDIA GeForce "DLSS" to Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna

That's one small step for KeokeN, one giant leap for games. We’re working with NVIDIA GeForce to bring Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) to Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna to maximize performance on GeForce RTX GPUs! #GraphicsReinvented

What is DLSS used for in Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna?

Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna will use NVIDIA DLSS to intelligently apply image enhancement and smoothing to object edges and other high-contrast regions. This results in smooth edges on rendered object, but avoids blurring of the entire scene as can happen with TAA or other approaches.

Learn more → [Here]


Transmission resumed. Fortuna ready to go.

Dear astronauts,

It’s time to end our radio silence!

After months of dedication, endurance and hard work, we’re extremely proud to bring you the latest news. Not only are we streaming regularly on Twitch again, we’ve also just launched our brand new website, which is full of fresh media and information about Deliver Us The Moon. Check it out right here at www.deliverusthemoon.com!

Next to our digital resurgence, we’re also making a physical reappearance at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. During the largest trade fair for games and entertainment, we’re showcasing the latest version of Deliver Us The Moon to both the media and public. Come see us and play the game at the Indie Arena Booth in Hall 10.1!

Today also marks a new and exciting phase in the journey of Deliver Us The Moon. As presented earlier today, Starbreeze and KeokeN are parting ways. Due to differences in creative visions, we have both agreed that this is in the game’s best interest.

"Working with Starbreeze has given us tremendous opportunities and valuable insights in both game development and production cycles," says Paul Deetman, partner at KeokeN. "We look back on the past one and a half year as a productive and broadening experience."

Last but not least, we’re thrilled to give you the news that you’ve been waiting to hear about for so long. A release date has been set and the game is good to go! Put on your astronaut suit, because on Friday September 28, 2018, Deliver Us The Moon goes live on Steam for PC!

Leading up to the game’s release, we’re delivering a series of exciting new trailers that show in-game content! Watch the first one right here and keep an eye on our website and social media for regular updates.

We’ll keep you posted!

Kind regards,

KeokeN Interactive