The Journey Continues - Deliver us the Moon: Fortuna


Since its release on Friday, we’ve been excited to hear from players all over the world, who’ve enjoyed the story and narrative of Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna. So much, in fact, that we have decided to reveal that a free DLC is coming. Concluding the story that began in Fortuna, the DLC delivers the gripping resolution to a lone astronaut’s journey to the moon.

“We see that players are captivated by the Deliver Us The Moon universe,” says KeokeN Interactive founder Koen Deetman. “Fortuna has introduced them to an immersive, atmospheric world and in this DLC, we’re bringing the existing storyline to a fiery finale.”

The DLC will be available for free to all players that own the original title, Fortuna, on PC. Although the release date is unknown as of yet, development has been underway for some time and is in full swing now that Fortuna has been completed. Details as well as information about other platforms are to follow in the near future.