Dear Astronauts,

We are proud and happy to finally bring you up to speed on the giant leap we are taking with Deliver Us The Moon.
Our previous message stated it was absolutely pivotal for our studio’s future and survival to find a new publishing partner, to make sure we are aided in reaching our goals with Deliver Us The Moon. It was by far one of the most challenging times for our small studio, and finding the right partner eventually took a lot more time than anticipated, although we can’t be more proud to share the following exciting results with you.

We are very pleased to introduce the great team from “Wired Productions” as our new publisher for Deliver Us The Moon (“Award winning video game publisher behind like: GRIP Combat Racing, Close To The Sun, Victor Vran and Tiny Troopers). They will help us manage the title and make sure Deliver Us The Moon gets a proper re-release with a full campaign, something we required and always wanted from a publisher to help us get the game to market.

Partnering up allows us to hit some very important goals on our list such as:
- We are really happy to announce the game is being (textually) localized in 10 different languages.
- We are even looking into localizing the game’s VO (Voice Over).
- We are developing some exciting graphics upgrades for Deliver Us The Moon (more details on this later).
- And finally the game is coming to consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4).

To top this, we can’t be more excited about Deliver Us The Moon getting a worldwide ‘boxed’ retail release and might even get a physical collector’s edition (more details on this later).

It is very important for our studio, and for our players, to make Deliver Us The Moon and the upcoming content right. These things take time and because of this we felt it was necessary to take the game back into development to apply that extra layer of polish. We want to harness all of the benefits of the relationship with our new publisher and deliver to YOU the epic Sci-Fi experience we always wanted to build. Because of this we’ve decided to pause sales of the game temporarily until the full release, but we can without hesitation confirm that the new content will still be free to all of the amazing fans who've supported us by purchasing Fortuna.

In the meantime we are visiting a couple of exciting events:
If you’d like to meet us in person, look for the us (blue-jumpsuits) at the following events:
- INDIGOx, Utrecht, The Netherlands (27 / 28th of June).
- Gamescom, Cologne, Germany (21-24th of August).

We understand waiting can be tough, but we want to make sure we can keep making awesome high-quality game experiences, and your ongoing patience is helping us do that!

Meanwhile you can enjoy the new reveal trailer: