Tombaugh Concludes DUTM: Fortuna

Dear Astronauts,
It’s been a while since we disclosed any news, but finally we would like to inform you about the upcoming (free) content hitting Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna very soon.
Below you can find our announcement video + stream video where we did a live-demo (no spoilers).

What can you expect from the new content?

When we released Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna in September 2018, it was clear the community found the cliffhanger a tough one to swallow, it was one of our predicted scenarios which consisted in delivering a worthy ending to the happenings in Fortuna.

Today we would like to inform you about “Tombaugh” as our upcoming (freely added) content that will finish the Fortuna story-line.
Meeting the quality standard we’ve set with the core game was our most important goal. Since we are a small team, not a huge corporation with multi-million budgets, it was a challenge and took some time to achieve and meet those expectations" We are extremely proud of the result and especially of the team that made this happen in the past 6 months.

On the business side we are creating new opportunities and we are talking to potential publishers, a very important goal in our upcoming trip to the USA.

What can you expect from the Narrative?
The upcoming DLC, Tombaugh, brings us to the heart of Deliver Us The Moon’s story. Here you’ll find out what happened to Sarah as you trace her steps through the abandoned Tombaugh Facility. You’ll learn more about the Outward mystery and an unexpected stranger, and you’ll bring the story to an exciting conclusion. Tombaugh marks the end of one journey and the start of another.

What can you expect from the Gameplay?
We’ve tried to build-upon everything you’ve done throughout Fortuna as well as increase the difficulty a bit to deliver a satisfying ‘end-game’ experience. You can expect a bigger challenge in figuring out your surroundings and how to move through them. Enter Tombaugh with extreme caution!

What about console versions?
Step by step, we are working on it, but it takes time to make sure the ports are ready to match expectations. Everyone wants to play a good port, not a bad one, and very important we want to have Tombaugh in these versions as well.

What about localisation?
It was important to define ‘key languages’ and matching them with our target audience. We’ve been able to make a great selection and have found a great localisation partner. Also since we like to include Tombaugh in this process, it was necessary to wait until we had full script ready, so we can translate in bulk.

When is the release date?
We can say Tombaugh’s production is finished by the end of Q1, although on the publishing side, we are still working on some important pivotal elements (especially during the events GDC and PAX 2019). Therefore we cannot disclose an exact release date just yet, so stay tuned. 

What’s next?
We absolutely love to continue with the universe of Deliver Us The Moon, we have some extremely cool ideas about the way players experience narrative in exploration games. One of our biggest goals is to increase the replay value in the next product. If we want to realize this next step, it's very important for us to find a fitting publishing partner, one of our goals in the upcoming trip to the USA, where we visit GDC and PAX East.

Thank you and stay tuned on our social media channels and if you happen to be at PAX East make sure to come by the Indie Megabooth!

Interested in more details about Tombaugh and want to see the entire announcement stream + live demo we did on Twitch? You can re-watch the following video below: