Celebrating 50 years since mankind left for the Moon!

It’s unimaginable to think about how much bravery it takes to leave our home planet. As young boys, my brother and I dreamed about the stars and the moon.

Grandpa Deetman was always fascinated about the universe and used to make his own telescopes. We can still remember looking through one of his largest self-built optics seeing the moon up-close when we were still kids. He even drove to our house and woke us at 2AM in the night to show us the ‘Hale-Bopp Comet’ fly by in the 90’s. But also, the time when our dad took us on a trip in France to see the full Lunar Eclipse for the first time, and during the event realizing how nature and animals responded to the sudden darkness around us. This is how the moon really stuck with us through our lives.

We were of course inspired by his stories, and by the men and women who dared to leap. To celebrate the 50 anniversary of three men daring to leave the earth and travel towards the moon, we created a short video talking about our inspiration.

Being introduced by our grandpa and taking over this fascination for the universe, it was inevitable we would do something creative in our lives. After watching the all-time blockbuster hits like 2001: a space odyssey, Interstellar, Gravity and Moon, we were sure this atmosphere and environment were a good playground for a game to take place.

We truly hope Deliver us the Moon captures the imagination of players and maybe helps answer a question many people still have, 'What would it be like, being an Astronaut!'

Koen and Paul

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